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 Whether you’re here to inquire about pricing for artwork on your next product, or you have a special project you want me to be part of, I want you to know a few things about me FIRST:

Quality is really important to me. I won’t promote something I wouldn’t use,  and I value a mutually beneficial partnership. If you feel me, keep reading...

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Ways to Work Together

I create vibrant and attention grabbing artwork that consists of geometric shapes, bold colors and a twist of contemporary look. Have a project for me? let's do it!


My carefree attitude and outgoing personality has brought me to share my love for art and Islamic geometry all around the world. If you want to set up a workshop with me, email me at


I’ve got an amazing social media community and I occasionally promote products and services that I am personally using and loving. If you’d like to submit your idea, let's chat

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Some amazing brands I get to work with

Munira Leather


"Secret Flower" silk scarf 180x65cm 
Shop here 



"European Islamic Heritage" collection of 6 prayer mats sold in Mekkah

Ramadan Legacy


"Rose of Faith", "Paradise Green" and "Fajr Sunrise" Ramadan planners cover.

and many more...

La Touche Originale


"Printemps Oriental" wallpaper.
Shop here 



"Palestine" T-shirt

Private collection


Prayer rug design

Towards Faith


"Rose of Faith", "Emerald Green" Ramadan planners cover.
Shop here.

Towards Faith


"99 names of Allah" book cover.
Shop here 

“Sandy is an amazing artist and works with care and professionalism. She was very friendly and easy to work with. The designs she custom made for our products were beautiful and have become iconic with our customers. Sandy came up with the concepts, the designs and the printing files which made things very easy for us. We also made video stories behind the designs too!”

Shahbaz Mirza
Founder of Ramadan Legacy and Towards Faith

“A magnificent artist and a professional creative to work with.”

“From the beginning, it was very easy to work with her. Her passion and eagerness is the first thing that caught my attention, over and above the agreements we could reach, you could see that the most important thing for her was to do the job and do it well.
In the time we had agreed, she delivered the finished work, which is really amazing and my clients liked it a lot. Also, during the process she was putting posts on her social networks that were of great help to my brand."


“I would highlight her passion and love for what she does, the delicacy with which she works and how easy it is to work with her.”

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The artworks I have created for those companies are just a small part of my artwork collection. 
Check my portfolio if you see more of it and get inspired.

Check my porfolio

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