Learn how to draw Islamic geometric patterns

Stop scrolling through Instagram and Facebook drooling over those geometric patterns, because today it's the day YOU start learning how to be a badass artist.
Islamic geometric patterns step by step, geometry books, supplies... This page contains exactly all the tools you need to get started.

Let's do that thing you've always wanted to do.

Do you feel like you don't even know what to type in the google search bar? I got you covered.
Here is the list of the tools and supplies that I personally use for drawing and painting Islamic art patterns.
And, because I really want to spoil you, I've included a direct link to Amazon for each item (you can thank me later). 

You've just started out and you think there are not enough resources out there about Islamic art?! Hmmm you might reconsider this after checking this awesome page.

what you'll find here: 

Did I say I want to spoil you? 
Whether you are here as a total beginner or you want to check my teaching style before buying my online courses, this page is for you.
Discover the beauty of creating easy Islamic art with your bare hands (and compass) and get excited about this whole new world.


Course nr.1

In this course I teach you how to construct 3 simple Islamic geometric patterns, 2 complex ones and how to put them together to create a design. Zellige (Zillij) patterns won't be a secret for you anymore.

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Course nr.2

In this course I teach you how to draw 8 geometric patterns step by step (4 easy and 4 complex) with just 2 constructions. Easy-peasy!
And, of course, I teach you how to put them together in a breathtaking layout.

islamic art online COURSES:

"Sandy's online courses are great. Easy to understand and giving the possibility to recerate a lovely zellige pattern on your own."

- thea de milos

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