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The complete list of Islamic geometric pattern books, divided by category. But don't worry. If you are on a budget I have some amazing free pdf books and websites for you to binge on too.


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Islamic Geometry books

basic geometry:

Drawing Geometry by John Allen

Ruler and Compass: practical geometric construction by Andrew Sutton

Basic Islamic geometric patterns:

Anadolu Selçuklu Sanatının Geometrik Dili by Serap Ekizler Sönmez

Islamic Design: a genius for geometry by Daud Sutton

The Royal Alcazar of Seville With a Ruler And Compass By Manuel Martinez Vela

History, culture and spirituality:

Islamic Patterns: an analytical and cosmological approach by Keith Critchlow


Arabic geometrical pattern & design by J.Bourgoin

Arts and Crafts of the Islamic Lands by Khaled Azzam

The Minbar of Saladin: reconstructing a jewel of Islamic art by Lynette Singer

Islamic Geometric Patterns: Their Historical Development and Traditional Methods of Construction by Jay Bonner

Arabesques: Decorative Art in Morocco by Jean Marc CasteraF, Fran Oise Peuriot, Philippe Ploquin and Kirk McElhearn

Islamic Art and Architecture: 650-1250 by Richard Ettinghausen, Oleg Grabar and Marilyn Jenkins

The art and Architecture of Islam 1250-1800 by Sheila S.Blair and Jonathan M.Bloom

The Alhambra With a Ruler And Compass By Manuel M. Vela


Tony Lee's Notebooks - Islamic Star Patterns

Part 1            Part 2            Part 3

The Topkapi Scroll Geometry and ornament in Islamic Architecture by Gülru Necipoğlu

Les Éléments de l'Art Arabe :Trait des Entrelacs by J. Bourgoin

The Drawing of Geometric Patterns in Saracenic Art by E. Hanbury Hankin

Pattern in Islamic Art by David Wade

Geometric patterns and borders by David Wade

Les éléments de l'art arabe by Joules Bourgoin

Methods of Design by Ernest Hanbury Hankin

The Design and Execution of Drawings in Iranian Tilework by Mahmood Maher al-Naqsh

Étude Pratique de la Décoration Polygonale Arabe by J Collin

10 Fold Group One by Nick Crossling

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If you are on a budget but still want to buy a book those are the top 3 that I recommend so that you don't waste your money on anything else.


All books have been divided into categories so that it's easier for you to understand what is the main topic/approach..
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