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Let me assist you and guide you throught your journey in Islamic art. 
I will teach you a proven method and all the answers without all of the headaches that come with the endless Google Searches.

can you relate to any of these?

You are an Islamic geometry artist who is kind of DIY with constant Google Searches, overwhelmed with the amount of information and tired of not making a living out of your art.

You dream of being a successful Islamic art teacher, but only the same 3 people keep showing up to your workshops.

You desperately want to leave your stressful everyday job to be a full-time artist, but even thinking about it makes your head spin. 

You are not a beginner in Islamic geometry anymore, you are trying to construct your own patterns, but you end up being stuck, not understanding what is wrong...every single time.

You either continue to be stuck, having dozens of constructions started and never ended, with the frustration that comes with never being able to get the answer.

...or you remain too scared of what people think or too paralyzed about the idea of making the first step into creating the foundations that will allow you to leave your stressful job.

...or you keep DIY, spending days or even weeks researching possible alternatives to finally attract people to buy your products or students to enroll in your workshops.

...or you can fast-track your growth as an artist, and make a steady income while spending more time doing what you love.

it's time you finally step up your islamic art game for good

Next steps...

step 1: book a free discovery call

During this 15-minute FREE discovery call, we will discuss your goals and what type of coaching I can offer you. If you think I am a good fit, we can move forward. Otherwise, it would be a well-spent 15 minutes chatting about something we are both passionate about.

step 2: sign up to my coaching program

Let me guide you through the whole process with step-by-step instructions and tangible results. You will feel at ease and empowered with constant communication.

step 3: look at your dreams coming true

Fast-track your success with a method that has been tested for over 5 years by me. I know exactly what you are going through and what works and what doesn't work in the Islamic art field.

Meet your Coach...

Do you ever feel you are ready for something bigger, but no one teaches how to get there? 

When I was younger, I used to draw hands and people's faces with charcoal? Crazy, right? If you look at my Instagram I am the queen of colours now. 

But I wouldn't be here if after 6 years of researching and testing how to grow my side hustle into a full-time job, I was finally able to leave my stressful 9-5 job.
And during those 6 years I have learnt how to: 
- be an artist...
- assist my customers in everything they might need...
- organize my calendar, my content, my work to make room for all my passions...
- be a marketing expert creating sales funnels, lead magnets, landing pages, writing copy that sells...
- create, launch and sell online and in-person courses...
- design and create a high-performing website, set up the domain...
- write content for my blog, emails, pinterest and instagram posts....
- set up Google Analytics, Google Console, SEO tracking...
- record and edit eye-catching videos, pictures....
- create an appealing brand book and pitch companies for collaborations
- and literally anything that is needed to run a cretive business.
All of that applied and tested to the field of Islamic art.
Because you see, it's hard to be the first one in your field to do this. But all those hours of researching, testing and teaching myself the things I know now have helped me grow a thriving creative business, where I spend my days painting, teaching, and collaborating with companies around the world. 

Now I have the confidence to say that with the right strategy, EVERY Islamic artist can make a living out of their art, and I can help you achieve the same in a fraction of time.

I’m an Islamic artist, designer, and educator who is passionate about teaching everyone how to find their creative voice.

Sandy Kurt

This     for you if...


This is        for you if...


You're ready to put in the work (and see the results!).

You're passionate about Islamic art and creating beauty.

You want to make your dreams come true.

You are tired of endless Google Searches

You don't want to do the heavy work.

You aren't open to trying new things and practicing new habits.

You don't want to fast-track your growth.

You're just looking for step-by-step tutorials to follow and copy.

What's included?
Let's recap...

coaching tailored to your needs

ongoing support

I will teach you how to use any software or app you need, guide you in creating a marketing strategy that works for your ideal client, help you find your style and make your routine efficient and effective. 

I will become your new favourite person on Whatsapp with ongoing support and all the perks of having all my knowledge available to you at any time. 

a method that works

I've been tweaking and testing my method for over 5 years now, and thanks to that, I can earn money while I sleep (read that again). 

Freequently Asked Questions

what types of people turn to YOUR coaching?

what makes your coaching unique?

is there a benefit to working with you?

WHAT the free discovery call is about?


is the discovery call binding?

Islamic artists and enthusiasts who don't want to spend countless hours researching for answers and want to be guided by an expert to fast-track their growth as artists and/or professionals.

I've been doing Islamic geometry since 2016. I've been teaching it, working on commissions, collaborating with companies, keeping a blog and growing my following both on socials and mailing list like crazy.
No one is doing the same in the Islamic art field.

You save yourself time and money by having all the answers straight away without the need to research and test on your own. Believe me, when you are trying to write the HTML code of Google Analytics in the <head> of your drag-and-drop website for the 10th time and nothing is working you would want to have someone that can troubleshoot it for you instead of digging every website forum on Google.

The free discovery call is for whoever wants to discuss the details and see if I am a good fit for them before booking the coaching call.


Start with a 15-minute FREE discovery call to discuss what you want to create in your life and in the world. If you think I am a good fit, we can move forward. Otherwise, it would be a well-spent 15 minutes chatting about something we are both passionate about.

Absolutely not. During the call, we will talk about your goals and what type of coaching I can offer you. If you think I am a good fit we can move forward. Otherwise, it would be a well-spent 15 minutes chatting about something we are both passionate about. 

It depends on your goal, the amount of work you put in and the amount of time you want to stay. You are the one who decides.


A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y YES. The internet is a beautiful thing. All my coaching is done on Zoom, and art is a global industry. 


You can book your free call here. 

Ready to step up your Islamic art game?

Book your FREE discovery call and let's make your goals become reality in a blink of an eye.