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I’m an artist, self-taught designer, and educator who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to get started with Islamic geometry.

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3 Things I Have Learnt From You


Do you know that there are things I have learnt from you too?

4 years has passed so fast since I started studying Islamic geometry, and so many things have changed during these years.

I’ve grown up from being an inexperienced young lady with no interests in life except compulsive shopping to being someone who can make a brand presentation herself 😀

Anyway, I’m not here to brag.


What has helped me grow was undoubtedly YOU.

Putting my face and thoughts on IG has made me vulnerable. Still, at the same time, it was an excellent opportunity to confront me with different types of thinking.

It’s incredible to see that there is no TRUTH. Instead, there are different ways to experience the same thing.

Billions of people putting their filters on what reality is and translating that reality into experiences.

If I could choose only 3 things I have learnt from you those would be:




I’m not going to lie. I’m a perfectionist. I mean, you can easily see it from my Instagram account that I’m not normal HA!

By focusing on perfection, I was constantly putting myself down, and I wasn’t enjoying my art time anymore. I was frustrated. The worst thing was that I was comparing my art to some imaginary standard that doesn’t even exist.

But then I realised that if I do that to myself, what could anyone else think about their work? And this is so wrong.

It’s good to have a goal in life and always work hard to do better but losing the joy of creating is not the right solution.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I don’t like Picasso’s work, but that doesn’t make him less of an artist. Just like that, I would LOVE to paint like Michelangelo, but I can’t. I paint like Sandy Kurt.

You draw/paint like YOU, and that’s awesome.




Teaching was one of the best experiences of my life.

Just like I said before, everyone adds his own filter to reality. Which means that something can mean X to me and Y to someone else. This is very true when it comes to teaching.

You helped me understand that in order to teach and inspire people about this art form, I need to use different words, ways and even tools, to make everyone understand.

What seems easy for me may not be easy for someone else.

I learned to break every movement down to easy-to-understand words, explaining why we are doing this or that. The best teacher to me is the one who can put himself in the students’ shoes. And I think that you can see this in my online courses.




Oh, there is nothing better than seeing people appreciate what I do.

As you may already know, I’m not a full-time artist. I have an 8-5 job, and besides that, just like any human being, I have a family, friends, yoga to practice for my back and neck pain, meals to prep, house chores to do etc.

Every once in a while, when I catch some time, I like to make tutorials for you or #tutorialchallange

I really love this community we are all in, and I think that being able to share my passion and see other people make art with my tutorials feels so good.


Did you expect the things I have learnt from you to be these?

On my side, I hope that you have learned something from me as well during these years.

If so, let me know in the comments below.


3 Things I Have Learnt From You

November 18, 2020

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  1. Carlos Carcelen Flores says:

    Sandy really appreciated the tips and advice and we never really finished learning.

  2. Malay Kumar says:

    Hi Sandy,
    I must admit that you have taught many things to me as well about IGP through your tutorials. The way you draw your miniatures, the way you paint them, the way you communicate through your blog, the way you frame sentences to convince us the point which you want to highlight is unparalleled. It not only conveys your level of understanding the art but humanity as a whole. It indicates your upbringing. Your parents are gem.
    You are a regular blogger despite your hectic schedule. You share because you care, so a marvellous humane. If an elephant always turn back to give a reply to the barking dogs, his journey would be real difficult and delayed. Life is too short to give befitting reply to the canines. You were, are and would remain throughout your life "queen bee". May God continue supplying vigour and valour to your brush, Haff’s compass and keyboard. Amin……

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      Dear Malay, you don’t even know how much I needed to hear this today. It has been a really difficult time for me in terms of mental sanity as this lockdown and bad weather is really putting me down lately. This is also why I’m not showing up too much on IG. People don’t need another spoiled person to bring them down now. I’ve prescribed myself some humor, Vit. D and art in the weekend to help me be myself again anyway. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words. It means a lot ❤️

  3. Vivien says:

    I’ve only been following you on IG for about 18 months.
    You’ve been incredibly helpful, even responding personally, to my questions about compasses, and one of your tutorials I got wrong.
    You’ve shown me, and many others, that the most intricate and beautiful patterns can be drawn and painted to perfection.
    You have shown that there are people out there who care about their art and are willing to share it and help others.
    There are probably lots of other things, but it’s just after 6 in the morning after being awake for a few hours thinking of the many things I need to do, and instead I’m drinking a glass of tea reading and responding to you blog!
    Thanks for everything you give to this community.

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