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I'm sandy!

I’m an artist, self-taught designer, and educator who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to get started with Islamic geometry.

Ready to create something with your bare hands?

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Beside writing super useful blog posts I also teach how to create Islamic geometric patterns



How I Started with Islamic Geometric Patterns


What you see in the picture above is one of the first Islamic geometric patterns I did back in 2017.

I’m showing you this to make sure you understand that everyone has to start from somewhere. I wasn’t born with miracle-creating hands or already-learned skills. So what’s my story and journey?


I’ve always loved art and everything that has to do with it.

When I was younger, I used to draw hands and people faces, but as a self-taught, I didn’t have the adequate skills for that. My drawings looked okay, but there was something that didn’t satisfy me, so I started drawing mandalas.

Drawing mandalas was funny, but freehand drawing was still a bit frustrating.



In 2017 I got fired, so I took the whole year off in order to do all the things I didn’t have the time for while working. Somehow I found this 10£ Islamic geometry online course by Samira Mian. Little did I know that those 10£ would change my life.

Soon enough, I was craving for more information, so I bought all the books I could find about this topic and became self-taught.

Learning the basics has helped me to understand and construct complex geometry on my own while miniature drawing helped me to define my style. I love to scroll down my Instagram page and look how far I’ve come. 



But learning it all from books left me with the desire to take an in-person class with a skilled and trained teacher so, in 2018, I decided to attend the Art of Islamic Pattern course in Fez, and in 2019 I attended the Islamic geometry summer school in Alqueria des Rosales – Spain.

In the meantime, an increasing number of people got interested in my art, and I started to receive a lot of messages from followers seeking help on how to get started, demand for resources and tutorials.

I soon started to realise that there is a lot of interest in Islamic geometry, especially in complex geometry, but so little information out there. And this is why I’ve created this website.



I know how it feels like to be a beginner. I know how it feels when you have to hold back your imagination because you don’t have the knowledge/skills to create what is in your mind.

And I don’t want you to give up on the artist in you only because you think you cannot do it or because you are afraid of failure.

Whenever I’m afraid or doubtful, I ask myself “what is the worst thing that could happen if I do that?” .

If the answer is “nothing” or if it sounds childish, then roll up your sleeves and work hard.


To help you get started with Islamic geometric patterns I’ve created a FAQ guide with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G you need to know. You can download it here.


How I Started with Islamic Geometric Patterns

January 8, 2020

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  1. says:

    Dear Sandy,
    thank you for one lovely and so human post, again! Your pieces of art are amazingly beautiful, thank you for sharing your story so we „beginners“ feel motivated to start!
    You know, your words motivated me to start a few months ago and I want to thank you again for this!!

    Keep on going! What will be in three years from now? 🙂 We‘ll see ako Bog da. 😉

  2. B says:

    Thanks Sandy, what an inspiration! I’ve just started on my geometric drawing journey, at age 62, so it’s interesting to hear how you did the same! And thanks for the encouragement. Brigitte (Melbourne)

    • Vivien Adler says:

      Brigitte. I’m also in Melbourne and started just May 2019 at age 65. What a fabulous journey it is. (And let me know if you want to connect)

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      That’s great news Brigitte. It’s never to late to do anything as long as it makes you happy. I hope this art form will bring you a lot of peace

  3. Vivien Adler says:

    Sandy you are inspiring. I figured you’d been doing this for years! I feel encouraged.

  4. Hani Mustafa says:

    Very inspiring and I look forward to reading more as I am starting this path of learning.

  5. shandelle says:

    What you do is a joy to look at, dont ever stop 😉

  6. Saba Mehmood says:

    You are such an inspiration. I wish I can make my own start soon.

  7. Nelufa says:

    Very inspiring to read about your islamic geometric art journey. Love your work. My journey started last year and totally love this art form. Still plucking up the courage to post onto Instagram when there’s so many amazing talented people.

  8. Fatimah Agha says:

    Thank you so much. Always so inspiring. Could you share the link to classes in Spain? Thanks so much

  9. Namrah says:

    You are my inspiration.

  10. salah rajab elferjani says:

    شكرا لك على ذوقك الجميل في التصميم الإسلامي
    thank you for amazing Islamic geometric patterns

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I’m an artist, self-taught designer, and educator who is hell-bent on teaching everyone how to get started with Islamic geometry.
I've been in the game since 2016 and trust me when I say that one year from now you will wish you had started today.

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