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Do You Need a Website as an Artist?


At some point of my art career I remember I thought “do I need a website as an artist?”

If you think that having a website is useless since Facebook and Instagram has taken the scene, you might reconsider it after reading this post. Especially if you want to make some extra bucks from your art.

I get it. I was there. With all these social networks and stuff to do, ain’t nobody got time a website!

In fact, it can lead to more sales and exposure if done correctly.

Here is what helped me decide why I needed a website:



Having a website is like collecting all your skills and materials in one place.

Imagine having your blog, your portfolio, your brand presentation, your shop, your collaborations, your podcast, literally everything on one website.

This is to time-saving, and your clients will love it, I promise.

You can also add everything you post on Instagram in real-time.



This is so important, especially if you want to collaborate with companies.

You don’t have to spend thousands of euros on a website. Nowadays, you can find hundreds of websites offering templates and ready-to-use websites. You just have to add your pictures and copy, and that’s it.

Of course, try to be as true to you as possible. If your art is all about colours, don’t make a black-and-white website, understood?

Also, make it personal. Tell your story, explain who you are and why you do what you do. Get them excited to contact you.

2021 Update: When I decided I needed a website I started with Squarespace. Now I use Showit and I totally LOVE IT because it’s more user friendly with it’s drag-and-drop design and also it’s very SEO oriented.



Having your own website is very useful when it comes to creating a mailing list.

If you are just at the beginning of your career, you might be not used to this, but a mailing list is the holy grail of online marketing.

All those social media like Instagram and Facebook will be gone one day. And what will you be left with?

Even if you have millions of followers, that’s nothing if those platforms close down.

A mailing list is yours and yours only. You can send emails whenever you want, and your subscribers can stay in touch with you forever.

You don’t have to send emails for now. But set a mailing list and make people that come to your website subscribe to it. You can, for example, make a freebie to get them subscribing.


Creating a website might be scary, I get it.

All that technology, pictures to take, copy to write; I’m not going to lie, it takes time too. But no one is chasing you. Take your time. Little by little, you will make it.


If you are still on the fence and you prefer Instagram, here is how you can improve your profile and make a side hustle with it.


Do You Need a Website as an Artist?

October 15, 2020

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  1. CL says:

    Thanks for your always interesting blog posts. Do you recommend any tool for creating a web site ?

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      I use Squarespace for my website and they provide you with all the tools you need but you can use other providers. Nowadays is really easy ro create a website

  2. Noura says:

    That’s a great summary! Any tipe on how to set up a store within the website to get people to purchase your products?

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      I’m using Squaresoace and it’s really easy to set up the shop here. WordPress for example is not very suitable for online shops. But there are other providers that are good too.

  3. Denise Engel says:

    What are ur thoughts on starting small like with an etsy store first?

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      You can do whatever you want I made an etsy shop too many years ago but I knew I needed something more. A platform where I could share my thoughts, tutorials and all the stuff. That’s why I created my website.

  4. Nasreen Hassan says:

    Thanks for your useful insight as always Sandy. Any tips on starting a mailing list when you’re just starting out?
    Thank you

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      Hi Nasreen I’m using Mailchimp for my mailing list just because it’s free for lists under 2000 contacts which is great. To encourage people to sign up I did 7 freebies, one for 7 days and everyday was different like tutorials, my supplies list, how to use a compass etc. I tried to advertise for it as much as possible on Instagram. Now I’ve linked the mailing list to my website so when you visit it there is a pop up that asks for your email to download a freebie

  5. Didier Hannot says:

    Thanks Sandy for your valuable communication. Always very interested.
    I am on the start to learn geometry, so a website will not be immediate.

    Just a basic question for me "What is a freebie ?"

    I imagine that creating a website with the right functionalities, as Mailing list and send systems have also their costs ?

    Best regards, Didier

    • Sandy Kurt says:

      A freebie is something you give for free. For example if you sign up to my mailing list you will receive a pdf file explaining the different types of compass. In this way people are more likely to give you their email.

      Also, of course this all has a cost. But it depends if you have a return from it. Maybe not now but in the future. It’s like an investment.

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